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About Fumi:     


 My visual art career began at age 6, being the child of the master calligrapher Akiko Sugawara in Hiroshima, Japan. I thankfully (now, not then) spent my youth practicing calligraphy for hours each day to learn the finer points of composition and balance using a brush. After finishing college in Yokohama, I moved to the U.S. and began a lifelong career as a composer and musician.  

   My love of calligraphy remained, however, and I began making digital photographs of cut paper designs and calligraphy compositions that my wife and I used for various cards, flyers and digital backgrounds.

This, in turn, drew me into the world of digital design.

   Before long, I was making band posters, CD covers, and large amounts of personal art. My efforts turned into commissions for brand design, posters and marketing materials for bands and businesses looking for

something unusual and eye - catching.

   I have my own style, but enjoy the process of turning another person's input and ideas into a unique and artistic image. Every success I have in creating something that others find beautiful encourages me to continue learning and creating in this fun and challenging medium.
    My first language is Japanese, so I can translate English into that language, should you want to cross market your flyer/advertisement/etc...

   If interested in using my art/designs for any purpose whatsoever,

please contact me for permission.

All works published on this site are copyrighted and owned by Fumanstudios.

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